The Carolina Chocolate Drops — Leaving Eden

52 Albums: Week 13

The Carolina Chocolate Drops -- Leaving Eden

The Carolina Chocolate Drops is a four-person string band playing a combination of original songs and traditional folk and bluegrass music from the Piedmont region of North and South Carolina.  The live, improvisational nature of this sort of music lends itself well to updating for modern audiences and the individual band members are all highly skilled musicians, equal to the task.

I was actually turned onto the Carolina Chocolate Drops by The Hunger Games soundtrack which features an excellent original song by them.  Their new album Leaving Eden, features both original songs and fantastic, energetic updates of traditional songs.

I actually want to feature two songs in this week’s review to give a sense of the breadth of their talent.  First up is a cover of Cousin Emmy’s “Ruby Are You Mad At Your Man?”

This fantastic, foot-stomping energy is all over the album which would be good enough in it’s own right but The Carolina Chocolate Drops are also capable of shifting gears and dropping original gems of pastoral beauty like the title track, “Leaving Eden”:

Leaving Eden blends these diverse sounds seamlessly and the result is a well-balanced album with a real sense of place that is at once true to its traditional roots and relevant to contemporary audiences. If you enjoyed the tracks above I can highly recommend the album as a whole. Four stars out of five.

Listen to Leaving Eden on Spotify.


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