Album Recommendation: Wolf Parade — Expo 86

Wolf Parade’s debut album, Apologies To The Queen Mary, generated massive amounts of well deserved buzz when it was released in 2005, so I am always surprised by the lack attention their two, equally excellent, followup albums received. I count all three albums among my favorites but, as this is an album recommendation, not a band recommendation I’m going to go with their most recent album, Expo ’86.

All three albums feature Wolf Parades distinctive sound — Ubiquitous keyboards, distorted guitar, cerebral composition and lyrics, and hooks galore.  2010’s Expo ’86 found the band returning to a more immediate, heavier aesthetic after their somewhat more measured sophomore album, At Mount Zoomer.   Check out my favorite track off the album, “Pobody’s Nerfect:”

If you’re a fan of indie-rock, this album deserves a place in your collection and, if you loved the first Wolf Parade album but never bothered to check out their subsequent releases, now if the time to correct that oversight.

Listen to Expo ’86 on Spotify.


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