Album Recommendation: Dinosaur Jr. — Farm

Given that this has been a disappointing year for music so far, and given that I’m almost caught up on my backlog of book reviews, I figured I would make album recommendations a regular feature of the blog.  These recommendations will represent albums released prior to 2012 that are excellent from the first track to the last.

First up is Dinosaur Jr.’s 2009 album, Farm.  When Dinosaur Jr. reunited in 2007, after a decade apart, they released Beyond, their best album since 1987’s You’re Living All Over Me.  Two years later, they released Farm, an even better album.

While J Mascis’s solo career between 1997 and 2007 was often marked by self-indulgence and pointless noodling, the Dinosaur Jr reunion seemed to focus his efforts.  While Farm has its share of ear-shredding licks and mad guitar solos, they are in the service of well-crafted, hook-laden songs.   The fourth track on the album, ‘Plans,’ illustrates this balance nicely:

Listen to Farm on Spotify.


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