White Rabbits — Milk Famous

52 Albums: Week 10

White Rabbits -- Milk Famous

White Rabbits continue to put their own spin on Spoon’s sound.

White Rabbits is a curious band for me.  All of their albums are good but none of them ever make it into my rotation.  This is particularly surprising as they sound a hell of a lot like one of my favorite bands, Spoon.

The similarity in sound is neither coincidence nor deliberate imitation.  White Rabbits described their first album, Fort Nightly, as “honky tonk calypso” which was, on some levels, selling the album’s diverse influences short.  It was a mad, hodgepodge of an album.  Among the band’s many influences was Houston based indie rockers Spoon.  White Rabbits’ second album, It’s Frightening, was actually produced by Spoon’s Britt Daniels and some felt he was perhaps too successful in reining in the debut album’s excesses.  The result was an sound that  could uncharitably be referred to as Spoon-lite.

Milk Famous also has a Spoon connection.  This time, the album is produced by long-time Spoon producer Mike McCarthy.  McCarthy has helped the band reclaim some of their own sound but the Spoon influence is still unmistakable.  Distorted guitars and driving percussion abound as does the use of space and silence to shape the songs.  The album’s opening track, Heavy Metal, might best illustrate this but I’m going with my favorite track off the album here, Danny Come Inside:

On paper, this album should be an instant favorite for me but, as with past White Rabbits albums, the hooks aren’t quite hooking me yet. Don’t get me wrong — This is a good album. I’m just not sure yet if it’s good enough to work its way into my rotation. For now I’m giving this one three and half stars out of five but this is another one I can see growing on me so I’ll be sure to revisit it at a later date.

Listen to Milk Famous on Spotify.


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