Delta Spirit — Delta Spirit

52 Albums: Week 9

Delta Spirit -- Delta Spirit

The new album by Delta Spirit represents a continued evolution for the band and the resulting sound is good on a visceral level.

Despite the eponymous title, this is Delta Spirit’s third full length album.  In the past, Delta Spirit has been, perhaps unfairly, identified primarily as roots rock or alt-folk, this despite that fact that co–founders Jon Jameson and Brandon Young have their roots in post-punk.  Delta Spirit’s second album, History From Below, sought to further merge those diverse influencess and, with their latest album, I think the evolution is finally complete.  This self-titled album is the sound that Delta Spirit has been seeking all along and it is fantastic.

Listen to Money Saves, for example:

Matt Vasquez’s vocals have that folksy twang reminiscent of an M Ward or Jay Farrar but the new wave/post punk influence is unmistakable.  The angular guitars and primitive drums tie it all together and bring it home.  Delta Spirit has had soul all along but on this, their third album, they have found energy as well.

This is one of my favorite albums released so far this year, ranking only slightly behind Andrew Bird’s Break It Yourself.  I give it four and a half stars, though it is growing in my esteem daily so I won’t be surprised if this ends the year as a five star album.

Listen to Delta Spirit on Spotify.


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