Sharpe’s Battle by Bernard Corwell

Sharpe's Battle by Bernard Cornwell

I am a sucker for Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe novels and this is one of the better ones in the series so far.

The series follows the adventures of Richard Sharpe as he rises up through the ranks of Wellington’s Army during the Napoleonic Wars.  Cornwell’s novels are all extremely well research but, more importantly, they are all extremely entertaining.  This ability, to take historically accurate details and weave them into a gripping page turner, is what makes Cornwell one of my favorite authors.

In Sharpe’s Battle, we find Sharpe in the thick of things during The Battle of Fuentes de Orono, a battle which was notable as being one of Wellington’s few missteps.  A subplot finds Sharpe in danger of being scapegoated for the loss of a company of Spanish Guards at the hands of a ruthless French general who Sharpe has antagonized.  As with all of the Sharpe novels, Sharpe’s Battle is a suspenseful page turner.  I highly recommend the series to fans of historical fiction.


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