Tower by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman

Tower by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman

 This book started off very strong and was a quick, well written, engaging read but, I felt the character in Ken Bruen’s half was a bit inconsistent.

Tower is a book in two parts, telling the same story from the respective perspectives of two friends, Nicky and Todd. Nickey’s section was written by Ken Bruen and Todd’s was written by Reed Farrel Coleman. Both halves of this crime novel are lean and mean but, as I mentioned I thought Bruen’s half suffered from inconsistent characterization.

Nicky is initially presented as a borderline psychopath with anger management issues. These are not exactly likable traits but they make for an interesting character in a crime novel. Unfortunately, in an attempt to make Nicky sympathetic, I think Ken Bruen loses sight of what makes him interesting. After establishing the character, Bruen backs off the mean edge completely and the character becomes meek and passive. This makes sense from a plot perspective but not from a character perspective.

That complaint aside, I did still enjoy Tower. This is a quick, engaging read for fans of crime fiction. Reed Farrel Coleman’s half was particularly good so I will have to hunt down more by him.


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