Dead Snow

52 Movies: Week 3

Dead Snow

Dead Snow delivers pretty much everything you could possibly want from a Norwegian Nazi zombie movie.

I told you that I would be doing a lot of genre jumping for my movie reviews.  Last week I was trying to decide between Dead Snow and The Tree of Life.  I went with Dead Snow but The Tree of Life will be next week.

Dead Snow is a Norwegian horror movie written and directed by Tommy Wirkola.  The plot involves a group of medical students who decide to spend Easter weekend at a remote cabin in the mountains near Ørksfjord.  On their first night in the cabin they are visited by a local man who fills them in on the region’s dark past.  During World War II Ørksfjord was occupied by a particularly brutal company of SS.  As the war came to a close the Nazis began committing atrocities against the populace in the act of stealing their valuables.  The people rose up, killing many of the Nazis and driving the rest of them, including their leader Standartenführer Herzog, into the mountains.  Rumor has it that the Nazis haunt the mountain passes to this day and, sure enough, it is not long before the student run afoul of the zombified remains of the Nazi company.

Dead Snow features excellent production values and effects.  It’s beautifully shot and Wirkola really takes full advantage of the contrast between pure white snow and bright red blood.  Oh so much blood.  Most importantly, the movie has a wickedly perverse sense of humor.  Dead Snow repeatedly serves up fresh shocks that had me laughing out loud to the very end.  I won’t spoil any of them here but, if you are a fan of the genre, you must see this movie.

This is easily one of my favorite zombie movies and I give it four stars.


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