Coming Soon: Albums and More Books

I was going to hold off on doing an album a week until next year but, screw it.  The first good album of 2012 dropped this week and I’ve decided to run movies, music and books simultaneously.

For music I’ll be doing something a little bit different in that I will only be reviewing albums released in 2012.  As not too many albums are released in early January, I’ll be playing catch-up a little at some point but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finding 52 new releases this year.  I’ll be using the same 5 star rating system that I use for movies for music.

For books, I’m likely not going to pull off another 52 Books in 52 Weeks this year but, who knows?  It will be close so maybe I’ll make a push in the end.  I have been reviewing the books I’ve been reading over on Goodreads, however, so I’m going to republish those reviews here.  Unlike movies and music, my reading year is tied to my birthday rather than a calendar year.  I’ve read 25 books since my last birthday so I’ll be publishing a review every day or so until I’m caught up.

I’ll also start tagging my posts so people can more easily locate the movie, album or books reviews.


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