52 Movies in 52 Weeks

I’m expanding the scope of this blog to encompass all things pop-culture.  In addition to posting occasional book reviews, I’m starting a new 52 Week project, 52 Movies in 52 Weeks.  Future 52 Week projects may include 52 albums, 52 artists, etc.

While 52 Movies in 52 Weeks is nowhere near as challenging as 52 Books in 52 Weeks, I’m taking on the project as a commitment to mindfully viewing at least 52 movies this year because I only saw a small handful of movies in 2011 and it’s a state of affairs I would like to rectify.

I will, accordingly, be viewing and reviewing at least one movie a week for 2012. These do not have to be new movies and I will be all over the place in terms of genre and relative cinematic merit.

Movie reviews are better with arbitrary rating systems and mine will be as follows:

One star: I hated it with a burning passion.  ‘A terrible piece of shit.

Two stars: No sir, I did not like it.  ‘Not recommended.

Three stars: Mildly entertaining; Decent but flawed; Recommended with some reservations.

Four Stars: An excellent movie. ‘Highly recommended.

Five Stars: I loved it.  Destined to be a favorite of mine.

There you have it.  Reviews to start sometime this week.


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