Lie In The Dark by Dan Fesperman

Lie In The Dark by Dan Fesperman

Lie In The Dark is an incredible and gripping piece of neo-noir.

Lie In The Dark the story of a homicide detective in Sarejevo during the Bosnian war who is tasked with investigating the murder of the head of the Interior Ministry’s special police force. The UN is demanding an independent investigation but there are a lot of people who don’t want this case solved. The protagonist is the classic noir detective in that his strict adherence to his own moral code puts him at odds with those around him and flies in the face of his own best interests.

This is a book that really elevates itself beyond its genre, however. The realism is unwavering and enthralling. There are some contrivances but, for the most part, every time you start thinking that the Fesperman is about to sacrifice realism for expediency (“Are we supposed to forget that his clothes are soaking wet, that he has no way to dry himself and that it is cold?”) he brings you right back to reality (“Nope — Acknowledged.”) Fesperman is a reporter who spent a lot of time in various war zones and he paints a very vivid picture of life under siege. His characters are realistic and nuanced. It’s really an incredible book and highly recommended.


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