What I’d Say To The Martians by Jack Handey

What I'd Say To The Martians by Jack Handey

I wish I could send this book back in time to Robert Benchley.  I’m sure it would make his day.

Like Benchley’s My Ten Years in a Quandary, What I’d Say To The Martians is a collection of short essays, most of which were originally published elsewhere.  What I’d Say To The Martians is considerably shorter than My Ten Years in a Quandary and that’s to its advantage.  You will recall that I felt Benchley’s book lagged a little towards the end and would have benefited from a tighter selection of essays.  Handy’s book has little if any filler and almost every essay is a winner.

Most people are familiar with Jack Handey from Saturday Night Live Where his Deep Thoughts were a running feature for a long time.  Some people think Jack Handey doesn’t exist and is, in fact, a made up character.  According to handy, this is a theory he is attempting to propagate amongst his creditors.

Fans of Handey’s Deep Thoughts will be happy to hear that his essays are no less absurd.  Handey’s sense of humor really hits my sweet spot.  I could read these essays everyday.  This book is right up there with Gideon DaFoe’s The Pirates! In An Adventure With Napoleon as the funniest books I’ve read this year.

I’ll leave you with links to two of the funnier essays in the collection, This Is Not a Game and, my personal favorite, Animals All Around Us.


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