The Border Legion by Zane Grey

The Border Legion by Zane Grey


This is the first Zane Grey book I’ve ever read and while it wasn’t bad, it’s likely to be the last. 


As with Shannahan’s Feud, this book just doesn’t have much to recommend it to anyone beyond diehards for the Western Genre.  While I’ve alway enjoyed standout novels in the genre, the less remarkable works just don’t do much for me. 

When Joan Randle spurns Jim Cleve’s love, he splits town and vows to fall in with The Border Legion, a gang of notorious highwaymen.  Joan chases after Jim and is kidnapped by Kells, the leader of the Border Legion.  Kells is a cold-blooded murderer and implied past rapist but it turns out he’s not such a bad guy after all so a love triangle ensues!  He can’t quite bring himself to rape Joan so he keeps her hostage waiting for her to fall in love with him.  Meanwhile, he becomes friends with Jim Cleve. 

Shit, I’ve been thinking that I’ve read books from almost every major genre this year aside from Romance but, recounting the plot of The Border Legion, it occurs to me that I can count this one as my romance.  And really, it reads like a harlequin romance set in the American West.  (Or so I would imagine.) 

The only other thing I’ll say about this book is that it’s the second book I’ve read this year that spoiled itself!  The first was Dashielle Hammett’s Woman in The Dark, where the introduction gave away the end of the book.  In this case, it was the blurb on the back cover which actually came from the final five pages of the book!  How strange.


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